Chilean Center for Mathematical Modeling

The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) is a national leading scientific center for research and applications of mathematics. It aims to create new mathematics and use it to solve problems coming from other sciences, the industry and public policies.It was created in 2000 by a group of researchers of the Department of Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Chile and the Department of Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Concepción, with the support of FONDAP ANID (formerly CONICYT).It is supported by Financiamiento Basal from ANID. CMM is also the International Research Laboratory IRL #2807 of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) of France, and has an important worldwide network of counterparts.Over these two decades the Center has contributed to the innovation and solution of public and industrial problems in areas where mathematical modeling has shown to be essential, specially where the Chilean economy has advantages, like mining, astronomy, energy and natural resources. Nowadays features strategic areas such as CMM Climate & Biodiversity, CMM Data Science including Geomatics, CMM Digital Health, CMM Education, CMM Digital Mining and CMM Resource Management, one initiative,  one national laboratory (NLHPC), and the Copernicus Data Repository covering a wide range of application areas.

What do you offer?

CMM hosts the Chilean Hub of Copernicus Data where users may download satellite data provided by the Copernicus owned satellites. This allows time saving of up to 90%, specially importante when downloading radar data. CMM also carries on research and application projects involving Earth Observation in areas such as: Mining, Natural Ressource Management, Environment, Urbamism, etc. Our emphasis is on projects where mathematics and artificial intelligence play a central role to tackle complex EO problems.

What are you looking for?

Partners to develop research projects in EO with emphasis in those requiring complex mathematical knowledge

More information :

Type of stakeholder: Academia

Main area of activity: Downstream/GIS services, Value added services

Application sector: Agriculture, Earth observation, Environment, Raw materials, Renewable energy

Target market:Chile, Europe

Key Words:Geomatics, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence