Detektia is a spin-off of the Civil Engineering School (Technical University of Madrid) formed by a team that masters satellite DInSAR technology and artificial intelligence techniques; it has more than 35 years of experience between university and private sector and a broad vision of the energy, environment and civil engineering sectors. Detektia has systematized the experience of more than 20 years of applied research on the auscultation of ground and infrastructures with the latest technologies to create a web solution adaptable to different infrastructure problems. Detektia was created in November 2019 and since then, we have been  incubated by the European Space Agency (ESA), Top10 of ESA Startup Competition, Top10 of the Global Infrastructure Hub “InfraChallenge” 2021 and winners of ESA Global Space Market Challenge 2021.

What do you offer?

Detektia has developed EyeRADAR, a monitoring tool that generates early warnings on maritime infrastructure movements and deformations based on satellite RADAR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.  Differential Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR) technology measures the current and historical deformation of infrastructure anywhere on the planet with millimetre accuracy and without the need for on-site instrumentation. DInSAR technology allows historical studies of the last 25 years and continuous comparison of historical and current asset behaviour. This RADAR satellite-based early warning system is easily integrated with the 4D digital model of the infrastructure and data is transferred at all stages of digital infrastructure management (planning, design, construction and maintenance).

What are you looking for?

We are looking for partners to test our solution within their maritime infrastructure, generating valuable data for their decision-making process and obtaining feedback to keep improving EyeRADAR.

More information :

Type of stakeholder: Major company

Main area of activity: Downstream/GIS services, Hardware/Software, Value added services

Application sector: Construction, Earth observation, Local/Regional planning, Marine, Oil & Gas, Smart cities

Target market:Australia, Chile, Europe

Key words : NA