KrattWorks has designed a system that provides fast situational awareness for fire fighters, security companies, search&rescue teams and police. We help first responders to detect objects of interest automatically by using machine vision on board of the drones and to share this information instantly across all platforms using mobile networks. KrattWorks drones can detect humans, cars, location of the fire, flooded areas etc and if mobile networks are available this data is transmitted to the server and central control room while the drone is still in flight. KrattWorks can also combine the drone aerial data with other information: like landscape elevation module, wind speed and direction, vegetation type and humidity and use AI to predict where the fire will spread. Their drones can do precision landing into a drone nest or onto the roof of a fire truck, the drones have obstacle avoidance and machine learning capability, and they can fly without range limit in mobile networks.

What do you offer?

We mount machine vision modules on board of the drones and fly them connected to cellular networks. This allows us to detect the location of objects of interest and display them on a map while the drone is still in the air. The machine vision can be used to detect humans, cars, tracks, broken isolators, fallen trees etc. Our drones can do precision landing into a drone nest and have an obstacle avoidance system. We can combine the drone aerial imagery with other data: for example satellite imagery, weather data, landscape elevation model etc. Our drones can be connected to almost any proprietary software enabling drone-in-box solutions for construction, forestry, utilities and infrastructure mapping etc.

What are you looking for? 

We are looking for: (1) fire departments, police, border guard, search&Rescue teams and private companies to test our product; (2) possible grants and co-operation, and (3) seed investors to help us to boost our development process.

More information :

Type of stakeholder: SME

Main area of activity: Drones, Hardware/Software

Application sector: Aviation, Construction, Emergency, Forestry, GNSS, Marine, Security & Defence, Smart cities, Telecom, Utilities & supplies

Target market:Australia, Chile, Europe

Key Words:Drones, UAV, machine vision, cellular connectivity, GSM, 4G, 4G connectivity