Icon Geo

Icon Geo is an interdisciplinary geoscience company. We are a European leader of earth imaging services and are Ireland’s largest processor of optical and image data.

We specialise in Earth Observation, Environmental Monitoring, GIS and Spatial Data Analytics. For over 28 years we have provided insight and assurance to commercial and governmental agencies and institutions across Europe. We employ over 50 full-time geoscientists with a focus on excellence in our work. We provide, interpret, and manage location-based data and imagery.

Our methodologies give assurance to commercial and government organisations across Europe, providing situation-based data and analysis in support of better governance.

What do you offer?

By combining expertise in GIS with Data Analytics and Earth Observation knowledge we provide unique technical solutions to our clients in multiple sectors, including Agricultural Monitoring, Routing and Cartography. We offer the following services:

  • Animal disease and tracking management
  • Hedgerow identification
  • Urban tree mapping and burn scar detection
  • Livestock detection
  • Forestry monitoring
  • Crop monitoring
  • Land Coverage
  • Water mains leak detection and prevention
  • Landslide and flood analysis
  • Dust monitoring/air pollution mapping
  • Fire detection and prevention
  • Carbon emissions
  • Flood mapping
  • Land changes post rehabilitation
  • Mining

What are you looking for?

We are looking to expand our capabilities and to enter new markets. We have been successful in Ireland, the UK and EU. We believe our models can be applied to other geographies. We are willing to learn from other countries and help them with innovation by bringing Earth Observation to their value chain.

We are looking for new customers and new partners, for us networking is very important and essential for business.

More information :

Type of stakeholder: SME

Main area of activity: Downstream/GIS services, Drones, Value added services

Application sector: Agriculture, Earth observation, Education & training, Environment, Forestry, Insurance & real estate, Local/Regional planning, Meteo & climate, Oil & Gas, Raw materials, Renewable energy, Smart cities, Transport & Logistics, Utilities & supplies

Target market:Australia, Chile, Europe

Key Words:Earth Observation, GIS, Agriculture, Land Use, Remote Sensing, Machine Learning