Current and future value of earth and marine observing to the Asia-Pacific region

This report was prepared by Nous Group for the Australian Government.

Advancements in digital technologies, data analytics and artificial intelligence provide opportunities for collaboration to help address some of these challenges at a regional as well as at a national level. Earth and marine observing (EMO)—the collection, analysis and interpretation of information on the earth’s natural systems—is already helping us understand and respond to these challenges. Across the APEC region, there has been significant growth in the technologies that support EMO and the products and services derived from this information.
This report, for the first time, calculates the current economic value of earth and marine observing to APEC economies, and estimates the potential value of EMO by 2030, including from additional collaboration. The economic contribution of EMO is derived from its application to industry (for example to transport, utilities or agriculture), to disaster management, and to broader society. Across the region, EMO data are used to inform better decisions by public entities, private businesses and by individuals.

This report is intended to encourage further collaboration and coordination of EMO across APEC economies, working in partnership with the international earth observations community. It is fitting therefore that this report was launched during the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Week in Canberra in November 2019, under the theme ‘Earth observations: investments in the digital economy’. Collaboration is critical to realising the value of earth and marine observing investments. Partnerships such as APEC and GEO are complimentary in demonstrating the transformational benefits of new technologies to the lives of people in the region and around the world.