We are delighted that our ConnectEO SMEs Satellogic and Mayday.ai have found synergies that led to a conclusion of a partnership during the ConnectEO project. We wish them all the best in their upcoming endeavour!

Please find below the press release from Satellogic:

Mayday.ai and Satellogic Collaborate to Modernize Risk and Disaster Intelligence

Together, Mayday.ai and Satellogic will expedite critical analysis for risk mitigation and disaster response

New York, NY– May 12, 2022 – Satellogic Inc. (NASDAQ: SATL), a leader in sub-meter resolution Earth Observation  (“EO”) data collection, announced today that it has entered into a teaming agreement with Mayday.ai (“Mayday”), a German-based provider of real-time risk and disaster intelligence, to improve and democratize data intelligence for risk and disaster management.

The combined technological capabilities of the two companies will remove barriers between upstream and downstream EO data and establish new standards for risk and disaster intelligence. The time elapsed between a disaster event and data acquisition will be notably reduced. Analysis that often takes days to receive will gradually become available in minutes through collaborative iteration among Satellogic and Mayday.

The approach effectively leverages EO capabilities and advanced data processing with artificial intelligence. Mayday fuses machine learning with a high number of data sources which enables automated risk-modeling, insights for preventive action, real-time detection of disasters, and rich post-event analytics. This unique capability will be further enhanced by Satellogic’s rapidly growing constellation of satellites, which are expected to capture the entire surface of the earth in high-frequency, high-resolution imagery every week in 2023 and every day by 2025.

Lismore, NSW, Australia

“We are incredibly excited to announce our collaboration with Satellogic, which will significantly disrupt this dynamic industry. Our efforts have always been centered around the democratization of pertinent data-driven insights, when needed most, and via the automation power of artificial intelligence. Satellogic feeds of a fast-expanding constellation of high resolution, and low-latency satellites will be fused with our innovative downstream services and made available to our end users in a seamless manner via our Esri-based solutions,” said Kian Mirshahi, CEO and Founder of Mayday.ai.

The two companies are pioneers with respect to the democratization of EO intelligence. The alliance will strengthen those efforts, as it will allow communities, companies, and individuals to obtain disaster insights more easily – something which has so far been largely reserved for governmental organizations.

“Emergency and disaster response can and deserves to be improved with valuable insights from timely Earth Observation data. Satellogic is proud to work with organizations like Mayday to modernize critical applications that can expedite rescue and recovery operations on the ground, ultimately saving more lives and mitigating risks at scale,” said Emiliano Kargieman, CEO of Satellogic.

About Satellogic

Founded in 2010 by Emiliano Kargieman and Gerardo Richarte, Satellogic (NASDAQ: SATL) is the first vertically integrated geospatial company, driving real outcomes with planetary-scale insights. Satellogic is creating and continuously enhancing the first scalable, fully automated EO platform with the ability to remap the entire planet at both high-frequency and high-resolution, providing accessible and affordable solutions for customers.

Satellogic’s mission is to democratize access to geospatial data through its information platform of high-resolution images and analytics to help solve the world’s most pressing problems including climate change, energy supply, and food security. Using its patented Earth imaging technology, Satellogic unlocks the power of EO to deliver high-quality, planetary insights at the lowest cost in the industry.

With more than a decade of experience in space, Satellogic has proven technology and a strong track record of delivering satellites to orbit and high-resolution data to customers at the right price point.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.satellogic.com

About Mayday.ai

Mayday.ai is a German-based provider of real time risk and disaster intelligence. It covers multiple disasters, all phases of disaster management and all geographical regions of the world. Its platform is powered with earth observation and ancillary data. These are processed using some industry-first remote sensing solutions and its proprietary AI fusion engine. For crisis management, Mayday provides early warning and a common operating picture which can be area- or event-centric. The data solutions are complemented by a 24/7 staffed operational center, on-demand field services and a mobile app for civilians and professionals. Mayday activities have been supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as well as a whole host of other partners.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.mayday.ai

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