During the last two years, ConnectEO has empowered the European companies to exploit their products/services and to access the target markets, Australia and Chile. The 19 ConnectEO SMEs have benefit from informative sessions, documentation, bilateral meetings and notably the Online Trade mission for both sectors (Agriculture & Maritime) and BtoB meetings with stakeholders in the target countries, Australia and Chile.

After the Trade missions, some of the companies have pursuit concrete collaborations with potential partners & costumers from Australia and Chile, also, thanks to the innovative concept of Front Office launched in Australia some companies have created connections and set the ground for other future collaborations. The ConnectEO SMEs have also benefited from recommendations for improving the implementation of the internationalisation strategy and it is expected that this could support them to foster long-term cooperation and sustainable partnerships beyond the lifetime of the project.

Find here some of the ConnectEO SMEs and their collaboration approaches as at the end of the project lifetime. Amongst these, three (3) cooperation agreements (NDAs) have signed between the ConnectEO and the in-country stakeholders and ten (10) were under development, out of the thirteen (13) documents (signed and under development) six (6) are with Australian stakeholders and seven (7) with Chilean.

ConnectEO SME

Target market & sector

Collaboration approach

Kind of stakeholder

Export sales and collaboration agreements for satellite-based services and an EO data provider, C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for the maritime and forestry sector

Public and private organisation on early disasters detection and natural resources management

Optimize harvesting, irrigation, increase wine quality, reduce inputs Management of land planning to measure and improve urban vegetation

Public organisations on Natural Resources managements and agriculture. Private organisations on precise agriculture for vineyards

Detection, characterization and forecasting of oil spills at sea through a digital platform, based on satellite surveillance and advanced ocean modelling

Public organisations on disaster management and marine safety

Export, research & development of satellite and drone data for industrial inspection in the energy and mining sector. Research project in agriculture for reforestation and land sliding

Engineering service providers, universities, research centres

Sans titre (800 × 600 px) (13)

Illegal fishing vessel identification using radio frequency signals detection or space-based RF detection to geolocate vessels whose emitters are turned off. Also, nanosatellites to provide data that covers sea areas of hundreds of thousands square kilometers

Public and private organisations on fisheries management and ship transport

Global agricultural systems redesign and all main risk and disaster service

Public and private organisations managing real time disaster and risk management intelligence

Data management, and analysis applying artificial intelligence techniques to get insights from big spatial datasets for decision making in agriculture and disaster management

Public and private organisations on sustainable food systems and climate and ecological resilience


Emergency management in low bandwidth areas

Public and private organisations on natural resources management and disasters

High accuracy (mm scale) high spatial resolution (3-10m) Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar-based (dINSAR) measurements of surface motion

Public organisations for maritime activities management, Ports and transport, also private organisations on natural resources management, disaster and insurance

Satellite field monitoring API for smart farming systems and Radar multispectral blended crop indices

Private companies for precision agriculture

Datasets and models on physical observation of climate risk

Private and public organisations providing climate services

High resolution digital models of farm operation

Private and public organisations on precision agriculture and 3D modelling

satellite imagery & machine learning for agricultural insurance

Private companies for insurance and precision agriculture

Some of the ConnectEO actions that have been appreciated amongst the SMEs are:

  • Quick connection to other companies, both from the target markets as well as other SMEs from Europe
  • The presentation of the target countries and the set-up of meetings with local companies and stakeholders
  • Interaction with relevant potential clients
  • Training session
  • ConnectEO has allowed SMEs to explore new use cases of their technologies (products/services).

Also, some action that SMEs consider would improve the ConnectEO project are:

  • Travel to the countries, make personal visit to facilitate the interaction with the in-country stakeholders and entities
  • In addition of the stakeholders’ presentation, an approach focus on their needs could support the search for synergies and collaborations
  • More time for the preparation phase to better know the stakeholders’ profiles and expectations. This will support an improved match between EU SMEs and in-country stakeholders


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