Call for Tender: Organise BtoB meetings between European Earth Observation SMEs and Australian & Chilean stakeholders within the Maritime and Agricultural sectors.

Co-funded by the European Union under the COSME Cluster Go International programme, ConnectEO aims to empower European Earth Observation (EO) Small and Medium Enterprises’ actives in the maritime and agriculture sectors in their internationalisation strategies to exploit two target markets: Australia & Chile.

ConnectEO currently supports 19 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) under the framework of three key initiatives: 1) a Back Office (access to market information), 2) Front Office pilot – a dedicated physical presence in Australia, and 3) Trade Missions –  a series of online events and B2B sessions that will allow the SMEs to be introduced to key players in Australia and Chile to develop partnerships, key alliances and potential business within key topics/sectors in those markets.  

Specifically, the online B2B meetings aim to facilitate the creation of business partnerships in the targeted markets with key stakeholders in the public and private sector. 

In order to support its main objective, the consortium is launching a call for tenders to select one or more providers to support the organisation of B2B meetings between the European EO SMEs and key stakeholders from the maritime and agricultural sector in Australia & Chile.


Description of requested activities:

• Identification of relevant and suitable local stakeholders from the public and private sector (e.g. companies, universities, national agencies, research institutes);
• Organisation of online B2B meetings with a minimum of 10 in-country entity representatives per SME by contacting the key stakeholders;
• Contact and arrange these online B2B meetings during a time frame of 8 weeks.
• A follow-up for each SMEs’ meetings after the B2Bs to evaluate its success;
• The Consortium will provide to the successful tenderer with the ConnectEO catalogue, the SME’s general profiles to start the action;
• The tenderer may interview the ConnectEO SMEs to understand their needs and requirements before launching the B2Bs;
• The tenderer shall provide the needed support to ConnectEO SMEs before, during and after the B2B meetings to address and solve questions.

The activities described above are separated into four strands:
• Strand1a: Australia – Agriculture
• Strand1b: Australia – Maritime
• Strand2a: Chile – Agriculture
• Strand2b: Chile – Maritime


April 2022 – June 2022

Estimated total value:

There is a budget of up to 10,000 Euros for each strand. The total budget of the tender is 40,000 Euros.

All applications must be sent to the following e-mail address:

Deadline for submission of application: March 20th, 2022

Call for tender document –  Call for Tender- T3.3- B2B_vf

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