EvokeAg connects the agrifood innovation community across the Asia Pacific and around the world. We do this by providing a digital platform and a premier agrifood tech event where farmers share their experiences, startups pitch their potential, scientists showcase their discoveries, global business leaders share their insights and industry experts debate their opinions.  EvokeAg has featured a specific theme covering a foundational building block of agrifood tech entrepreneurship in various videos. Founders will find out what they need to launch a successful venture, gain exposure to industry experts and hear from like-minded founders who share a similar vision of changing the world. All the while, learning tactical skills and perspectives that will help gain an edge.

To learn more and watch the series, go to: https://evokeag.com/startups/grassroots-series/

Scroll down in the page and find the recording of the sessions to well understand the agricultural sector in Asutralia:

Are you solving a real problem?, Don’t skip the legal stuff, Getting tight with farmers, The fundamentals of funding

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