ConnectEO currently supports 19 European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) under the framework of three key initiatives: 1) a Back Office (access to market information), 2) Front Office pilot – a dedicated physical presence in Australia, and 3) Trade Missions –  a series of online events and B2B sessions that allow the SMEs to be introduced to key players in Australia and Chile to develop partnerships, key alliances and potential business within key topics/sectors in those markets.  

In this context and for the past few months, the ConnectEO Team has launched a Call for tenders for the online Trade missions and the B2Bs in order to engage some support from local experts in the target markets.

During last month the ConnectEO local experts has been selected, they will support the online Trade missions & the B2Bs in Australia and Chile. We are happy to introduce FrontierSI who will support the Australian activities and Eurochile the Chilean activities.

Eurochile is a business foundation whose objective is focused on the creation, promotion, and consolidation of economic, commercial, and technological links between Chilean SMEs and institutions and the EU, functioning as a facilitator of the internationalisation process of SMEs and strengthening the growth capacity in the market.

FrontierSI a not-for-profit company, established following 16 years of operations as the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information. They deliver major benefits to governments, industry and the community using their deep expertise in spatial mapping, infrastructures, positioning, geodesy, analytics, and standards

The Teams of EuroChile & FrontierSI will promote the development of partnerships, key alliances, and potential business within the key sectors (maritime & agriculture), in a personalized way and adapted to the needs of the ConnectEO SMEs. Each SME would have a chance to not only participate in matchmaking events and workshops, but also to have dedicated 1-on-1 meetings with potential partners from Australia and/or Chile.


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