The ConnectEO project – “Connecting European Earth Observation with International Markets” has been virtually kicked-off on September 16th, 2020, it will run over two years, starting from 1st September 2020. Funded by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (EASME) under the COSME Cluster Go International programme, ConnectEO aims to promote and foster market access between the European Earth Observation SMEs and two target countries: Australia and Chile. The project will focus on the use of EO addressing business opportunities and key socio-economic/environmental challenges in the maritime and agricultural sectors.  

Project partners: The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies – EARSC (Belgium), Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique – PMBA (France) and  Technological Corporation of Andalusia – CTA (Spain) are currently preparing the back-office documentation facing the major challenge of facilitating business opportunities under these exceptional times by exploring different ways to achieve the project objectives.

Indeed, some of the defined key initiatives that will ensure that the objectives will be achieved are:
1) the creation of a back office (preparatory documents and information session for companies on the target markets);
2) the launch of Trade Missions (facilitate the creation of strong relationships with the local stakeholders;
3) the development of a Front Office pilot (a dedicated physical presence in Australia to identify business ‘on-the-ground’).

Stay tuned!

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